Basis of CEATEC are high quality instruments MADE IN GERMANY. But the difference that matters between us and our competitors is our unique vision of “Service & Innovation”.

To implement a vision to reality, we need people which are willing to fulfill our vision with life. This is necessary for our local distribution partners which exclusive represent CEATEC in their country as well as for all staff of CEATEC team. Through flexibility and readiness for changes all parties will develop themselves in a positive way.

Our customer promise

More customer

The main value in the customer service results from our special closeness to the surgeon, our customer. His requirements are our first priority of our work. Together we discuss ideas and wishes, and afterwards we successfully transfer the request into a result. Because we are in permanent dialogue with all of our customers, we have the ability to fulfill all requirements to mutual satisfaction.

More service

We meet the challenge of globalization. Successful marketing in a global world requires flexibility and openness.

It doesn’t matter in which country we are acting, we know the local market and their manners.  In most cases we speak the language of our customer. We meet each other as like-minded people and not as a stranger.

More innovation

We offer as well a main value in field of innovation. New developments are same important as our core business – the distribution of General Surgical Instruments.

Just companies with prospective thinking will be successful in long-term. According to this motto we invest our profit directly in innovations in neuro-/ spine surgery and in field of retractor systems.

Because of close contact to the surgeon we create innovations which are “born” in the operating theatre, having a direct reference to daily reality of our customers.


Our specialized skills

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Service 100%
Trust 100%
Safety 100%