BILLY Punch and Rongeur

Our patented BILLY Laminectomy Punches and Rongeurs

360° turnable, available with interchangeable shafts


For each system, you just need one handle – with one handle you can use all available shafts

  • this enables a clear overview of the entire instrument range
  • cost savings
There are almost unlimited variants of shafts existing

  • Length of shafts from 18 cm until 36 cm
  • Width of bite from 1mm until 6mm
All shafts are rotatable in 8 steps about 360°

  • hand of operator remains in one position
Available with black coating

  • no reflections
  • increased corrosion protection
  • hardener surface area
Ejector is in our system „series“

  • no storage of tissues and bone fragments and therefore no clamps possible
Easily detachable

  • cleaning without problems
Numerous models are on stock

  • fast delivery times

CEATEC - BILLY Punches & Rongeurs

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